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How to check and replace the car air filter?

May 19, 2022

Checking and replacing the car air filter is relatively not particularly complicated. For those with time and hands-on ability, you can replace the air filter for your car by yourself. Mainly by the following steps.

1. First, open the engine compartment cover and confirm the position of the air filter. Generally, the bonnet switch is turned on in the car, and then the bonnet is opened and topped with a strut.


2.Second, determine the location of the air filter. The air filter is generally located in the engine compartment. One side is connected to the air intake pipe, and the other end is connected to the engine. You can see a square plastic black box, and the air filter element is installed inside.


3. Generally, the plastic box with the air filter is fixed with clips. Just lift the two metal clips upwards and lift up the upper cover of the entire air filter. There will also be some models that use screws to fix the air filter. At this time, you need to select a suitable screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the air filter box. Then you can see the air filter inside, take out the air filter by hand.


4. After taking out the air filter element, check whether there is a lot of dust. You can gently tap the end face of the filter element, or use compressed air to clean the dust on the filter element from the inside to the outside. Do not rinse with tap water. If you check that the air filter has become black and clogged, you need to replace it with a new filter.


5. Before installing the new air filter, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the bottom of the air filter box and remove the dust under the air filter.


6. After the air filter box is cleaned, install the new air filter. After the installation is firm, fasten the cover of the air filter box, and install the clips as they are to ensure that the installed air filter box is tightly sealed.


7. After the installation is completed, try the engine, and after confirming that the installation is normal, put down the engine cover.